Forms / User Experience

Forms / User Experience

AARP with all its many fine educational and outreach initiatives, is largely supported by its membership. So, registration, and data entry, forms related to joining or renewing membership are critical to the continued success of the organization.

Designing forms for AARP's 50+ demographic complements the basic considerations for a successful user experience; that they be clear, simple and easy to complete.

It's All About the User

  • Forms should be clearly designed and to the point.
  • Refine a look and feel consistent with the style of the site.
  • User test early and often with an emphasis on data-driven strategies that put mobile first.

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Standard and 'Stay Sharp' Membership

forms 1 Just as you can exercise your muscles to increase flexibility and strength, you can exercise your memory, attention, and overall brain health. AARP's Brain Fitness is powered by BrainHQ, a brain fitness program developed by Posit Science.

This form was created to promote a special membership opportunity and outlines the extra value of an AARP 'Stay Sharp' membership.


Redesign of Join & Renew Captcha

forms 2 A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against security breaches by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.

While AARP used CAPTCHA in its JOIN and RENEW forms, the application needed to be enlarged and the distorted text slightly easier for the user to interpret.


Form Redesign

forms 3 This is only one example in a series of comps that suggested improvements in the design of AARP forms. Enlarged text and field height with simplified steps and call-to-action buttons were all part of this effort that resulted in improved membership form completion success.


Redesign of Newsletter Subscriptions

forms 4 This form was redesigned to include subscription selection for State Newsletters. But, modifying the layout and increasing spacing was added to help aid a registered user in scanning the information more effectively.



infographic 5 ELVIS is an application designed to allow users to join AARP from other sites.


Sponsored Membership Offer

infographic 6 AARP partners with companies and organizations to offer gift memberships to their 50+ employees. This application was created to expand upon that program and make its availability more accessible and more appealing. Prior to this, the application had been managed, at great cost to AARP, by an outside firm. Bringing the application in-house dramatically lowered costs and increased membership success rates.


Progress Bar - Design Exploration

infographic 7 Application steps like breadcrumbs come in handy to show a navigation trail for users, and helps to improve form completion success rates.

The comp shown here demonstrates different designs that might complement and improve AARP's JOIN and RENEW process. Each example clearly allows the user to know which steps they need to complete, which step they're on and which step(s) they have successfully completed.


Custom Login

infographic 8 In an effort to create a completely personalized user experience, partnered with GIGYA to allow users to authenticate their identities using a preferred social network account. This effort, exemplified in part by the comp you see here, allowed AARP to increase its registration rates.


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