UX / Visual Design / Illustration

UX / Visual Design / Illustration

User experience design is driven by consideration of the moments of engagement, or touchpoints, between people and brands, and the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments create.

At AARP.org it is essential to understand and interpret the needs of AARP's 50+ audience; making information and services available that can answer their questions and enrich their lives within a very personal community.

Design Responsively

  • Designs should have a strong end-user focus from the first wireframe to the live result.
  • Understand and translate the design expectations of the client so that they enhance the user experience.
  • Visual Design should incorporate all the tenents of user experience design. They are not 2 separate considerations but one essential concept.

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AARP.org - Global Navigation

Global NavigationFollowing a major site redesign the global navigation was configured to a horizontal construct rather than the previous left-rail organization that hindered the layout and content of every page. While this continues to be a work-in-progress, the comp shown here shows some of the developer specifications necessary to the initial stages of working prototypes and eventual incorporation into the live site.


Search Results - Niche Topics

Niche Topics The idea with "niche topics" was to provide additional search functionality to answer some of the most common questions AARP users have about health and health care, social security and medicare to name a few.

The wireframe shown here was an early example in the process to provide this search option and results for its users.


Call-to-action Buttons

infographic 3 It was thought that AARP's call-to-action buttons needed some reconsideration based on their color, size and location. The examples shown here demonstrate some of the many ways this improvement was approached, in answer to the clients suggestions and best UX practices.


Social Sharebar - Gigya Integration

infographic 4 Allowing users to connect with each other through enhanced social media sharing was the thought behind AARP's partnership with GIGYA.

The example here shows the specifications for article level, social integration.


Audio Player

Audio PlayerAARP made a major change when it partnered with Magnify to manage all of its video content that had previously been managed by Brightcove. In addition to video content management and players, an audio player was also requested. The comp shown here was designed to suggest how this might appear.


Brain Health Center - Page Design

Brain Health Center - Page DesignPhotography and illustration are combined here to create an instant, eye-catching impact for AARP's Brain Health Center. Shown here are several examples that were submitted to the client before the final choice was selected.


Under Construction

infographic 7 'Under Construction' and 'Woops!' pages, that would offer humor and maintain overall continuity with the site, were requested by the client.



infographic 8 'Under Construction' and 'Woops!' pages, that would offer humor and maintain overall continuity with the site, were requested by the client.


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